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Secure payment

We accept 2 methods of payment :

1 . Payment by bank card:

Transactions made on this site are secured by the payment system of the BNP : Mercanet BNP PARIBAS.
When you enter your bank details, you are in direct contact with the BNP payment server. The merchant does not know your bank card number and it is not stored on their server.
Furthermore, all data exchanged with the BNP soare encrypted using the SSL protocol and cannot be intercepted or modified.
At the end of the transaction, and before returning to the merchant's website Mercanet BNP PARIBAS will display an electronic receipt with all the details of the payment and the result of the bank authorisation request (accepted or refused).



2 . Payment by bank transfer


Our bank details for payment by transfer will be given as soon as your order is validated.
To accelerate processing of your order, send us the transfer receipt by email.
Your order will be shipped after the transfer has been cashed in our account or on receipt of the transfer acknowledgement.