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Expert car diagnostics on a computer
Car Scanner - klavkarr 200

Ref. : klav-200

Expert Car diagnostics on computer


Use on your computer: PC Windows / MacBook

Compatible with any brand: Diesel since 2004 - Gasoline since 2001

Advanced diagnostics: read and clear engine faults, print reports, replay

Easy setup: Plug & Play

Everything is included : License for EOBD-Facile included

EOBD-Facile is translated into 27 languages

Delivery in European Union

100% made in France



Warranty : 2 years
Expert Usb
89 €

About klavkarr 200 scanner

Economical: Make your diagnosis yourself and save the cost of the dealer's pack

♦ A scanner which functions with your computer

♦ Plug & Play: Plug your klavkarr 200 in your OBD2 socket and launch EOBD-Facile EXPERT on your computer. That's it you're ready to make your diagnosis

♦ Car compatibility: All petrol vehicles since 2001 and diesel since 2004 (OBD2 standard)

♦ EOBD-Facile Plus: alows you to make the essential of your engine and transmission diagnostics, to save your diagnostics, to print reports, etc...

♦ Computer compatibility: PC Windows (Vista, 7 ,8 , 8.1, 10) and MacBook (10.9)

100% designed and manufactured in France


You will receive :


klavkarr 210 scanner
USB cable
Getting started 1
User instructions 1
EOBD-Facile Plus Edition for PC/Mac (value : 59,90€) 1





The diagnostic scanner klavkarr 200 is an automotive diagnostic interface that plugs into the OBD2 socket of your car. It will allow you to make a diagnosis of the engine and the transmission of your car easily and to erase the engine warning light on the dashboard.


With the klavkarr 200 which includes the Plus EDITION of our car diagnostics software EOBD-Facile you will have access to extra features in addition to the Classic Edition. Discover all the features of EOBD-Facile Plus Edition below. EOBD-Facile is translated into 27 languages.


Doubts about the compatibility of your car? See our list of compatible OBD2 - klavkarr 200 vehicles already tested by our community.


A problem finding the OBD2 socket in your car? Find its location in our OBD2 plug-in database



EOBD-Facile PLUS Edition features

In addition to the functions of the EOBD-Facile Basic Editon, the following functions are including in the Plus Edition

+ Saving and reading of OBD fault codes

+ Printing of customised reports

+ Recording of customised reports

+ Check the consistency of vehicle sensor's values

+  Continuous reading of sensor values (6 curves) In the form of a graph

+ Calculation/conversion on registered sensors

+  Commercial use

+ VIN decoder



EOBD-Facile BASIC Edition features


♦ Read confirmed and unconfirmed generic trouble codes, from a library of over 11 000 faults.

Clear the OBD2 fault codes

♦ Switch off your check engine light (MIL) on your dashboard

♦ Diagnostic aid: engine status when the fault appeared, monitoring of operating range of actuators/sensors

♦ Display current values of engine sensors in the form of graphs or tables:

⇒ Engine speed RPM

⇒ Calculated load value

⇒ Coolant temperature

⇒Injection system status

⇒ Vehicle speed

⇒ Short term fuel calculation

⇒ Long term fuel calculation

⇒ Intake pressure

⇒ Spark timing

⇒ Intake air temperature

⇒ Absolute Throttle sensor position

⇒ Etc... up to 100 parameters available


♦ Continuous recording to sensor values and display in graph form. Possibility to read records subsequently or export them into a spreadsheet for analysis.

♦ Diagnosis of lambda sensors

♦ Recovery of internal ECU monitoring

♦ Recovery of vehicle data: VIN, calibration identifier

♦ Virtual dashboard to measure and examine your daily journey

♦ CAN bus analyser (filtering and display of frames transiting on the bus)

♦ Access to the database of the OBD2 socket location



EOBD-Facile Edition PLUS features table



For more information about our software, check out our information website




The klavkarr car diagnostics scanners are compatible with ELM327 commands


OBD protocol supported

All OBD standard protocols :


♦ ISO 15765-4 (CAN),

♦ ISO 14230-4 (KWP2000 slow et fast init),

♦ ISO 9141-2,

♦ SAE J1850 VPW,

♦ SAE J1850 PWM,


USB Features


Cable length 100 cm
Cable Type USB A to Micro USB
Throughput 12 Mbits/s



Electrical supply

From the vehicle via the OBD socket


Voltage 5 to 16 Volts
Power Consumption 25 mA approx
Standby power consumption 5 mA approx



Dimension of the klavkarr box


Height 9.4 cm
Width 5.5 cm
Depth 2.4 cm
Weight 60 grams




Customers reviews :

5 5 5 5 5
The : 25/11/2019-08:38 by Roberto
It's a great product. Easy to manage and control your vehicle. I used it in my two cars. I checked the cars (one of them gas and other petrol). One of them had a problem and I got to fix it. The other car didn't report any error.
5 5 5 5 5
The : 24/08/2018-11:09 by mugge
Very trustworthy and comprehensive presentation of the items on the advertisement website.
Valuable research work done about which cars are supported by the diagnostic tool gives the customer good basis for decision to buy or not.
Software OK.
5 5 5 5 5
The : 09/07/2018-08:43 by Thierry
greetings, in Feb 2015, I purchased the Full version of EOBD-Facile software... I was very impressed.... which led me to purchase the Expert Version including the KLAVKARR 200 unit in July 2018.....
I highly recommend this application
Thanks to the development team...
Keep developing this application -----
Value for money .....
5 5 5 5 5
The : 06/06/2018-08:53 by Simon H
Very good, the OS X app is excellent, clear, easy to use and with good information about what is happening. Saved a large garage bill.
5 5 5 5 5
The : 14/09/2017-10:26 by uitstekent
goed product en eenvoudig voor mee te werken
5 5 5 5 5
The : 05/09/2017-08:40 by
I used one time up to now and it's working fine, I'm satisfied of it.
best regards
For only 30 € more, have access to more features with
  34 reviews

was developed for experts who always want to have their diagnostic tool on hand.

View useful information from your vehicle on ALL the screens of your choice (PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones).

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We have been working on automotive electronic diagnostics since 2009. Our aim is to make the diagnosis accessible to all.


We are passionate about our products that we have fully developed in our offices in France thanks to the know-how of our engineers and with the help of our community.


Enjoy your diagnosis!

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