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Our expertise in France

Why automotive diagnostics ?

Founded in 2010, Outils OBD Facile is the first company to democratise automobile diagnostics in France.

From the beginning, we create software with the aim of making the diagnosis available to everyone at both the data reading level and the price level.

Our community site allows everyone to find the information needed to make the diagnosis and find the OBD2 plug in the car etc...

Our klavkarr diagnostic scanner

Klavkarr means "car key" in Breton. The objective of our car scanner is to give you the key so that you can make your own diagnosis of your car.

Our offices are located in Brittany, in France. All our products, klavkarr diagnostic scanner, EOBD-Facile software and mobile applications are designed and developed by our engineering team.

We wanted our klavkarr scanner to be a product designed and produced in France. We have only used local providers to develop it. The design of the box and the site was conceived by a designer located in Brittany as well as the manufacture of the plastic box, packaging and the electronic card. And of course the software EOBD-Facile is developped in our offices in Vannes.

Our products are 100% manufactured in France and work with all brands of cars.

With a switch to the dealer's kit from 50 € to 90 €, our klavkarr diagnostic scanner are amortised on first  use.