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OBD2 USB Plastic Interface (ELM327 compatible)

Ref. : elm-pla-pack

The USB OBD2 plastic Interface pack (ELM327 compatible) comes with the full version of the EOBD-Facile automobile diagnostic software available in several languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Danish, etc.).

Our EOBD-Facile software is fully developed in France by our team of developers.

Choose your software :
Software Ultimate version PC/Mac +20€
Software Full version PC/Mac INCLUDED
renseignement choix devise
56.90 €

OBD2 USB Plastic Pack (compatible ELM327)


The OBD2 USB Plastic interface is an automobile diagnostic interface that connects to the OBD2 (16-pin) plug of your vehicle. It is used to diagnose engines and gearboxes on petrol vehicles after 2001 (1996 for the USA) and diesel vehicles after 2003.

It is compatible with all vehicle makes (Renault, Peugeot, Citroën, Ford, Fiat, Volkswagen, Audi, Opel, etc.).


Find the list of vehicles already tested by our users in our list of OBD2 compatible vehicles.


The OBD2 pack includes:


puce 1 OBD2 Plastic interface (ELM 327 Version 1.4 compatible) tested and configured by us

puce Software's choice :

  • Software Full version : 1 license of EOBD-Facile software Full version (for PC Windows or Mac OS X)
  • Software Ultimate version : 1 license of EOBD-Facile software Ultimate version (for PC Windows or Mac OS X)

puce 1 CD (with EOBD-Facile, documentation and installation drivers)

puce 1 installation manual in French / English / German / Spanish / Italian


Functions of the EOBD-Facile software


Our software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS X (since 10.8)


puce Read confirmed and unconfirmed generic trouble codes, from a library of over 5000 faults.

puce Clear the OBD2 fault codes

puce Switch of your check engine light (MIL) on your dashboard

puce Diagnostic aid: engine status when the fault appeared, monitoring of operating range of actuators/sensors

puce Display current values of engine sensors in the form of graphs or tables:

  • Engine speed RPM
  • Calculated load value
  • Coolant temperature
  • Injection system status
  • Vehicle speed
  • Short term fuel calculation
  • Long term fuel calculation
  • Intake pressure
  • spark timing
  • Intake air temperature
  • Absolute Throttle sensor position
  • Etc... up to 100 parameters available

puce Continuous recording to sensor values and display in graph form. Possibility to read records subsequently or export them into a spreadsheet for analysis.

puce Diagnosis of lambda sensors

puce Recovery of internal ECU monitoring

puce Recovery of vehicle data: VIN, calibration identifier

puce Virtual dashboard to measure and examine your daily journey

puce CAN bus analyser (filtering and display of frames transiting on the bus)

puce Access to the database of the OBD2 socket location


Additional functions of EOBD-Facile Ultimate Version


In addition to the functions of the EOBD-Facile Full version, the following functions are including in the Ultimate version


puce Saving and reading of OBD fault codes

puce Printing of customised reports

puce Recording of customised reports

puce Check the consistency of vehicle sensor's values

puce Continuous reading of sensor values (6 curves) In the form of a graph

puce Calculation/conversion on registered sensors

puce Commercial use

puce VIN decoder



The EOBD-Facile licence included in the pack can be used to diagnose an unlimited number of vehicles, regular software updates are also included in the price.

We are including 2 activation keys by purchase of EOBD Facile PC full licence (see our general terms of trade). 

Software updates are also included in the price.


For more information about our software, check out our information website



Support all the OBD standard protocols : 

puce ISO15765-4 (CAN),
puce ISO14230-4 (KWP2000 slow et fast init),
puce ISO9141-2,
puce J1850 VPW,
puce J1850 PWM,

Baud Rate :  38400 bauds

Box size 80 x 70 x 25 mm, 400 gramms 

The ELM327 is powered directly from the computer through the USB cable.

puce 10 to 18 Volts
puce 45mA


Customers reviews :

4 4 4 4 4
The : 13/10/2016-21:23 by jms001x
Great OBD scanning and diagnostic tool, although could do with further expanding diagnostic capability to include air suspension etc. . Used in 2008 Citroen C4 Picasso Exclusive without problems.
5 5 5 5 5
The : 24/09/2016-08:05 by AT Lauronen
Reliable and good, but my problem with the Fiat Fiorino y2012 service interval reset, does not succeed in this program.
3 3 3 3 3
The : 24/05/2016-08:59 by Hans
The OBD was delivered very quickly and is manufactured to high specification. Unfortunately the Outils software is unable to access the error message in my Mercedes E200 W212 year 2011, probably due to the fact that Mercedes does not comply to the protocol(s) ?
4 4 4 4 4
The : 13/02/2016-08:58 by Miguel S
In general, I think it is a good product.. However, It would be better if it could be compatible with specific software like DDT2000 or PP2000.
5 5 5 5 5
The : 08/02/2016-17:24 by Ulrich H
works perfect - If you want do some improvements maybe there should be a possiblity to add car-makes specifc DTC (e.g. PSA).
BTW: I hope I will not loose the licenece if I must install the program on a new laptop because the old one has gone...
5 5 5 5 5
The : 30/01/2016-01:15 by Darby K
Works well on Honda CRV iDTEC engines, very pleased. Do you have more videos in english .... Thanks
5 5 5 5 5
The : 06/12/2015-18:45 by David S
This works very well with 3 Mercedes (1999, 2006 and 2011). The newer cars provide more information. I am using the OBD2 USB plastic interface with a Mac Book Air (OSX 10.8) - all good! The OBD2 with Bluetooth would not work with the Mac / OSX (disconnected after 30 secs). OBDFacile kindly exchanged units (thank you!)
4 4 4 4 4
The : 05/11/2015-11:07 by Marino G
The product is very good and easy to use. Now I going to test all function of the program. One problem is understand how it run because there isn't an instruction manual
4 4 4 4 4
The : 22/09/2015-08:51 by Mario S
Spedizione perfetta con arrivo dopo 3 giorni, imballaggio componenti e descrizione nella norma. Alla prima prova perfettamente funzionanti, provato con autovettura Hyundai Accent III serie CRDI 1.5.
Per il resto proveremo sul campo.
4 4 4 4 4
The : 25/04/2015-11:31 by Frank V
Product works on a MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.10.3. It has taken a little help by support as the Mac OS X USB drivers were not available in the download section: this got corrected by sending them by e-mail by support.
International shipping takes a long time. In my case, with shipment France to Netherlands, it took 2 weeks and about 7 working days the package did not move an inch in France. That part could use some improvement.
4 4 4 4 4
The : 10/03/2014-04:44 by Korhonen H
it is very good
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